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Manager, Solutions Sales @ Medallia, Inc., New York, NY

May 2016 - Present

I am currently supporting Regional Sales Directors and their sales reps in the Southeast of the United States and Latin America, mainly focusing on Mexico and Brazil though extending beyond those two countries as well. I am the individual currently covering the largest sales patch on my team and am directly training 10 pre-sales team members, as well as running specific training sessions for the full 75-member group. Focusing on larger, strategic enterprise deals has allowed me to dedicate myself to building relationships within these prospects and work closely with my reps in champion building. Due to my strong technical background, I have had the opportunity to work with the whole gamut of sales regions during my tenure in this Solutions Sales team - beginning with the West Coast and Desert, then Great Plains and Mountain, then New York Metro and Latin America, and now finally the Southeast and Latin America.
Partnering with sales reps, I sell the value of Medallia Professional Services and Medallia delivery partnerships as well as our software value by discussing product functionality, IT requirements, and customer stories. On larger enterprise deals, I work with the sales reps to identify and build champions and coaches within our prospects. In tandem to scoping SaaS Operational Customer Experience Management programs and designing industry-specific solutions by leveraging my technical system knowledge, I price and sell professional services to C-level executives.

Consultant, Solutions Sales @ Medallia, Inc., Palo Alto, CA

October 2015 - April 2016

Based out of Palo Alto, I worked on a variety of mid-market and enterprise deals. Part of my purview of work included managing the creation of the Software and Professional Services Statements of Work as well as SOW amendment/change order creation and approval. Given my technical background, I was the internal technical escalation point supporting our 25-person team.

I worked with our Business Operations team to develop a new professional services pricing calculator that not only was more accurate in its scoping outputs but also automatically generated a visual proposed project timeline.

Senior Analyst, Professional Services @ Medallia, Inc., Palo Alto, CA

June 2014 - September 2015

Within the Professional Services team, I ran client communication and project prioritization as project manager on Medallia's largest telecommunications account at the time, leading two junior analysts as well as managing offshore partners. As acting Engagement Manager, I was the primary point of contact for all client communications, including strategic guidance, industry trend discussions, running time, and task prioritization. I also had the opportunity to partner with our Product team to develop and execute some key front-end enhancements such as ensuring our system could handle the heavy load of dynamic self-service survey editing at scale, live organizational hierarchy reporting on thousands of employees, and in-system pivot table functionality on a large data-set. Additionally, I was a part-time Architect providing guidance on program design best practices and technical troubleshooting.
During a company hackathon, I designed and built a new data visualization dashboard integrating the Medallia survey database with D3.js and Google Charts to demonstrate flexibility to new and current clients.

Client and Project Management
• Implement and lead software enhancement and maintenance projects including leading analyst teams
• Lead internal technical and operational initiatives that address and alleviate company growing needs
• Advise and recommend clients on long-term program solutions and guidance on Medallia platform
• Develop insight on clients’ corporate structure and CEM (customer experience management) strategy
• Work with Medallia's Product and Engineering teams to develop and implement client requests

Team Management
• Provide technical support to analysts and managers across multiple accounts and large-scale service projects
• Mentor analysts and managers on best practices and facilitate conversations regarding professional and personal growth
• Manage partner relationships through implementation support, consult on industry best practices, and provide technical guidance on product features

Internal Operations and Strategy
• Spearhead testing of software enhancements for large-scale and complex programs

Analyst, Professional Services @ Medallia, Inc., Palo Alto, CA

August 2013 - May 2014

I was a technical Analyst on several major accounts (financial services, telecommunications, and automotive) totaling over $6.5 million in annual recurring revenue. I worked in JavaScript and XML to customize, enhance, and maintain my client systems. Additionally, I partnered with the Engineering team to develop a new type of file processor that allowed us to both sample more effectively (SmartSample) as well as intelligently handle organizational hierarchies (OrgSync). The code base for that was written in Java though most of my testing was done via XML processing.
During this hypergrowth period, I interviewed over 20 applicants for analyst and manager positions in Professional Services as well as manager positions in Curriculum Design.
Having come to Medallia with teaching experience, I trained and designed lessons for over 100 new hires in several modules of Medallia Product Training. Additionally, I developed quality assurance training for all current Professional Services team members and all incoming new hires. I partnered with the Product team to improve training program and streamline product documentation.

Faculty @ Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX

June 2010 - June 2013

2D Flash Animation - high school
Stop-motion Animation - middle school
Illustration and Visual Storytelling - high school
Acrylic Painting - high school
Drawing - high school
Advanced Portfolio - high school

I used effective verbal and written communication with a skeptical audience as well as empathy to negotiate tough situations with students and faculty members. As I primarily taught high school students, I worked very closely with juniors and seniors to develop a college application portfolio as well as discuss potential courses of study. During my tenure at Glassell, I learned key teamwork skills by working with faculty members, volunteers, and administrative staff. Every semester we organized a student art show as well as an annual faculty show. I maintained the computer lab and oversaw general technical troubleshooting.

Artist @ Heidi Celeghin Atelier

May 2010 - Present

I approached fine arts as a small-business and made a 167% revenue increase between the first and second year of operations. Through networking, negotiation, and communication skills I found clients internationally, secured gallery representation, and forged strong business relationships in the arts industry. I mastered organizational skills by juggling multiple projects simultaneously and delivering detail-oriented work on time. Additionally, I developed a business strategy that included Excel-based profit analysis comparing materials fees, working hours, potential shipping fees, and price of artwork.

For more information visit my official portfolio.

Student @ Cornell University, Ithaca, nY

August 2006 - May 2010

Bachelor of Arts, College Scholar Program (Computer Science and Fine Arts), College of Arts & Sciences
Bachelor of Arts, English, College of Arts & Sciences

Summa cum laude in Literary and Visual Studies
Recipient of the Tomasicì Award for College Scholars
McMullen Dean’s Award, College of Engineering (2006)
Dean's List 2006-2010

Relevant Coursework
Computers & Algorithms - CS 211
Calculus for Engineers - MATH 191
Multivariable Calculus for Engineers - MATH 192
Linear Algebra for Engineers - MATH 294
Visual Imaging in the Electronic Age - ENGINEERING 167

Kung Fu Instructor @ Wu Shu Kung Fu Federation, Houston, TX

January 2006 - May 2006

Through years of training, I obtained a first-degree black belt and underwent training for the International Wu Shu Kung Fu Tournament in China. I mastered discipline and self-motivation to achieve belt ranks and train for competitions. When I began teaching at the Federation, I learned how to communicate effectively when teaching children and adults. Additionally, I learned how to follow orders and think rapidly in a stressful environment.